(2009 – 2014)

President, Vice President, Speaker, Ministers, Assistant Ministers, and Deputy Speaker

1. His Excellency the President, Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama President of  Botswana Ex –Officio Member P/ Bag 001 GaboroneTel: 395084
2. His Honour the Vice President, Lt. Gen. Mompati S. Merafhe Vice President  &  Leader of the HouseMP Mahalapye  West P/Bag 001GaboroneTel: 3950872/846Fax: 3950888Email:P/Bag 23Mahalapye  WestTel:           4713340/4714165


3. Hon. Dr  Margaret  N. Nasha The Speaker of the National Assembly Ex-officio Member  P.O Box 240GaboroneTel:3616800Fax: 3914376Email:
4. Hon. Mokgweetsi Masisi Minister of  Presidential Affairs & Public Administration  and Acting Minister of Justice Defence and SecurityMP Moshupa P.O Box  1105MoshupaTel:5448140Fax : 5448139
5. Hon. Dikgakgamatso. R. Seretse MP Serowe North East P.O Box 2137SeroweTel: 4638143Fax: 4638145
6. Hon. Phandu T.C. Skelemani Minister for  Foreign Affairs and International CooperationMP Francistown East  P/Bag  00368GaboroneTel: 3600739Fax:3913366P.O Box 3026Nswazi MallFrancistownTel:



7. Hon. Ontefetse  K. Matambo  Minister of  Finance  and Development PlanningMP Specially Elected P/Bag  008GaboroneTel: 3958549Fax: 3913303
8. Hon. Johnnie K. Swartz. Minister of Infrastructure, Science and TechnologyMP Ghanzi  North 


Tel: 3158477Fax:Email:P.O BOX 866GhanziTel : 6597507Fax: 6597300
9. Hon. Nonofo E. Molefhi Minister of  Lands and HousingMP 


Selebi Phikwe East 



P/Bag 00434GaboroneTel: 3682003Fax: 3911591P/Bag 0050Selibe-PhikweTel:2611358Fax:2611342


10. Hon. Peter. L. Siele Minister  Of  Labour and Home AffairsMP  Ngwaketse South  P/Bag 002GaboroneTel: 3611150Fax: 3102387Email:P.O Box 101MmathetheTel:5400251

Fax: 5400080

11. Hon. Shaw Kgathi Minister of  Youth, Sport  and CultureMP 


Bobirwa P/BAG 002GaboroneTel: 3959093Fax: 391347Email:P.O BOX  1244BobonongTel: 2629644

Fax: 2629647

12. Hon Dorcus Makgato-Maleso Minister of Trade and IndustryMP Specially Elected P/Bag 4GaboroneTel: 3601252Fax:3132766
13. Hon. Lebonamang T. Mokalake Minister of  Local GovtMP 


Boteti South P/Bag 006GaboroneTel:  3658482Fax: 3952382Email:P/Bag 46LetlhakaneTel:2976367


14. Hon. Christian  De Graaf Minister of AgricMP  Ghanzi South 


P/BAG 003 GaboroneTel: 3950604Fax:3975805Email:P.O Box 188CharleshillTel:6592290/6592292


15. Hon. Frank  Ramsden Minister of  Transport and CommunicationsMP Maun East P/Bag 333Maun EastTel:6864097Fax:6861041
16.  Hon Ponatshego H. Kedikilwe Minister of  Minerals, Energy and Water ResourcesMP Mmadinare P/Bag 0018GaboroneTel: 3656601Fax: 3972738Email:P/Bag M2MmadinareTel:



17. Hon. Pelonomi Venson – Moitoi Minister of  Education & Skill DevelopmentMP Serowe  South P/Bag 005GaboroneTel: 3655462Fax: 3907035
18. Hon. Kitso. O. Mokaila Minister of Environment Wildlife and TourismMP 


Borolong P/Bag BO 199GaboroneTel: 3914955Fax: 3914861P. O Box 192Goodhope

Tel: 5404068

Fax: 5404351

19. Hon. Dr. Rev  John Seakgosing Minister of HealthMP Kweneng South P/BAG  0038GaboroneTel: 3951910Fax:3910648Email:
20. Hon.  Patrick Masimolole. Assistant Minister ofPresidential Affairs &Public AdministrationMP Mogoditshane Tel:
21. Hon. Charles M. Tibone Assistant Minister of Finance and Development PlanningMP Tati West




P/Bag 008GaboroneTel: 3950395Fax: 3908281Email:P/Bag 0015




22. Hon Maxwell Motowane Assistant Minister of Trade and IndustryMP Letlhakeng West 


P/Bag  4GaboroneTel:3601200Fax: 3971539P/Bag 010LetlhakengTel: 5932456/ 5932307


23. Hon. Botlogile M. Tshireletso Assistant Minister of Local GovernmentMP Mahalapye East  P/Bag 005GaboroneTel: 3655400Fax: 3655458Email:P.O Box 632Mahalapye



24. Hon. Kentse Rammidi Assistant Minister of Local GovernmentMP Kanye North P/Bag 006GaboroneTel: 3658550/3905851Fax: 3931491
25. Hon. Oreeditse Molebatsi Assistant Minister of AgricultureMP Tswapong South  P/BAG 003GaboroneTel: 3950521/00Fax: 3956027Email:P.O Box  62SefhareTel: 4948651


26. Hon. Keletso Rakhudu Assistant Minister of Education and  Skills DevelopmentMP Gaborone  North 



P/Bag 005GaboroneTel:3655462Fax: 3972120Email :P /Bag BR 104Gaborone


Fax: 3908304

27. Hon.  Gaotlhaetse U.S Matlhabaphiri Assistant Minister of HealthMP 



Molepolole North



P/Bag  0038GaboroneTel: 3914900/3907563Fax: 3952069Email:P.O Box  499



Fax: 5920074

28. Hon. Pono  P.P. Moatlhodi Deputy Speaker,MP 


Tonota South


P.O Box 240GaboroneTel: 3616800Fax:3959240Email:pmoatlhodi@gov.bwP/Bag 06Tonota


Fax :2485154

29. Hon. Prince Maele MP Tswapong North P.O Box 396LeralaTel: 4954023Fax:4954105
30. Hon. Maj. Gen Moeng Pheto MP Kweneng East P.O Box  305LentsweletauTel:5779244Fax :5779244
31. Hon. Robert Masitara MP Gaborone West North P.O BOX  40154African MallGaboroneTel:  3181027Fax:
32. Hon. Gibson  R.M Nshimwe MP Chobe P.O BOX 185KasaneTe1: 6252758Fax:6252759
33. Hon. Vincent  T. Seretse MP Specially Elected
34. Hon. Tshelang  W. Masisi MP,BDP Whip Francistown West P/Bag  F126FrancistownTel: 2415921Fax: 2418439
35. Hon. Philip Khwae MP Kgalagadi North P O Box 449HukuntsiTe:6510375/6Fax:6510377
36. Hon. Bagalatia  Arone MPBCP Whip Okavango P.O BOX 69ShakaweTel:6875257Fax:6875258Email:
37. Hon. Abram  Kesupile MP Kanye  South P/Bag  MK12KanyeTel: 5443379Fax:5403106
38. Hon. Botsalo  Ntuane Leader of the oppositionMP Gaborone West South P/Bag BO 343GaboroneTel: 3163992Fax
39. Hon. Gilbert Mangole MP Kgatleng West P.O BOX 7MochudiTel: 5777084Fax:
40. Hon. Isaac. S. Mabiletsa MP Kgatleng East P.O BOX 2397MochudiTel: 5749411Fax:5749989Email:
41. Hon. Kagiso P. Molatlhegi MP Gaborone South P/Bag BO 344GaboroneTel:3180637Fax:3188706Email :kpmolatlhegi
42. Hon. Nehemiah  Modubule MP  Lobatse P/BAG 007LobatseTel:5334302Fax:5334449Email:nmodubule @
43. Hon. Mephato R. Reatile MPBNF Whip Ngwaketse West  P.O BOX 125JwanengTel:5882875/5882876Fax :5880142Email:mreatile
44. Hon. Wynter P. Mmolotsi MPBMD Whip Francistown South P.O Box 36312FrancistownTel:2401058Fax:2410531Email:
45. Hon. Dr Gloria Somolekae MP Specially Elected Member
46. Hon. Kgosi Tawana II MP Maun West  P/Bag 091MaunTel: 6800203Fax
47. Hon. Mmoloki. E. Raletobana MP Kweneng South East P.O BOX  660 GabaneTel:3947440Fax :
48. Hon. Dumelang  Saleshando MP  Gaborone Central 



P/ Bag BO 246BontlengGaboroneTel:31805733181360Fax : 3181300Email:
49. Hon. Moiseraele  M. Goya MP  Palapye P.O Box  10582PalapyeTel: 
50. Hon. Slumber  Tsogwane MP Boteti North P.O BOX 261RakopsTel:  2975091Fax: 2975093Email:
51. Hon. Liakat Kablay MP Letlhakeng East  P/Bag 006LetlhakengTel:
52. Hon Rayner Makosha MP Nata/Gweta P/Bag 27Sowa TownTel:
53. Hon. Olebile  M. Gaborone MP South East North P.O BOX  30717TlokwengTel: 3957774Fax:3957004Email: omgaborone@
54. Hon Tshekedi   Khama MP Serowe  North West P/Bag 0013SeroweTel:4634469Fax : 4634469Email:
55. Hon. Daniel K.  Kwelagobe MP Molepolole South P.O BOX 1401GaboroneTel: 5921162Fax : 3931785
56. Hon. Samson  Moyo Guma MP Tati East P.O BOX 2388GaboroneTel: 2419400Fax:3164806Email:
57. Hon John K. Toto MP Kgalagadi South P/BAG 0022TsabongTel:6540798Fax:6540767Email:jtoto
58.  Hon.Odirile Motlhale MP South East South P/Bag 018RamotswaTel:5390111Fax: 5390152Email: odmotlhale@
59.  Hon.Taolo G. Habano MP Ngami P/Bag 2SehithwaTel: 6872105Fax:6872106Email:
60.  Hon. Edwin J. Batshu Acting Minister of Defence, Justice and SecurityMP Nkange P/Bag  3TutumeTel: 2987293Fax
61. Hon. Gilson Saleshando MP Selibe-Phikwe West P.O Box  815Selibe-PhikweTel: 2622371Fax:
62. Hon. Fidelis McDonald Mmilili Molao  MP Tonota  North P O Box 513MathangwaneTel:  2413121/3104Fax:  2442306
63. Hon Dikgang Philip Makgalemele MP Shoshong P/Bag 10ShoshongTel: