Honorary Consulates

Honorary Consuls are volunteers who help our Embassy and Consulate General provide a more accessible and responsive service to Botswana nationals and others in their regions.

The function of the Honorary Consul falls into three main areas:

  • Consular work:  Botswana Nationals who find themselves in personal difficulties or have enquiries related to consular matters, may be able to receive direct assistance from the Honorary Consul.
 The Office serves its purpose to help and support Botswana citizens as well as those passing through the United States: social assistance, scholarships, aid to Batswana nationals having difficulties passing through the United States, assistance to incarcerated Botswana citizens. It is the intermediary between the Botswana administration for the country’s nationals, enabling them to maintain their links to the Botswana administration and exercise their rights as citizens.
  • Commercial work: The Honorary Consul can act as a link between Botswana and local institutions and businesses, helping to develop cooperation and joint working between commercial and non-commercial organizations. 
 The office works in conjunction with the Botswana American Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Foreign Trade Advisors of Botswana to promote trade and commerce between the two countries.
  • Representation: At events and public functions the Honorary Consul will be able to act as a representative of the Botswana Embassy or a Consulate-General. The Office is tasked with maintaining close relations with the local media and the official institutions, with explaining Botswana government policy in foreign and domestic affairs, and with updating the Consul’s Website (including its Newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook Page).

The jurisdiction of the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Botswana covers ten states: Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.

The Botswana Embassy in the US fulfills the traditional functions of a Consulate Office in a foreign country including visas, passports and all administrative formalities.


Adrienne Lance Lucas – Chief of Staff, Chairman Botswana American Chamber of Commerce
Carmen R. Adams – General Counsel
Alan Gorman – General Counsel
Charilyn Goolsby – Director of Protocol
Ingrid Lassiter – Web and Social Media Specialist
Mark Maupin – Webmaster/SEO Specialist
Walid Shamsid-Deen – Director of Business Development
Darren Coleman – Director of Business Development, Executive Director Botswana American Chamber of Commerce
Michael Green – Business Development Director, Young Professionals
Rumia Burbank – Senior Business Advisor
Dr. Dexter Page – Medical Director – Georgia
Jonathan Hunt – Director of Business Development
Douglas Hampton – Legal Counsel, Michigan
Treavion Davenport – Director of Public Relations
Sonya Barge – Director of Humanitarian Affairs