Welcome to the website of the Botswana Honorary Consul-General

The US and the Botswana share much more than a language. They also share a tradition of democracy. Our shared values are providing a foundation to solidify mutual desires to establish a closer friendship. And because of the plethora of today’s trans-Atlantic ties – from trade and investment and groundbreaking scientific co-operation, to study abroad and tourism – we two nations are constantly finding ways to share and learn from each other, and the relationship between us is continually being renewed.

I am pleased to lead a volunteer staff working in ten states— Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.  My team’s roles include:
•    encouraging trade and investment between the US and Botwsana
•    advancing issues of strategic importance to the Botswana government
•    listening to a wide variety of American voices on issues of importance
•    encouraging trans-Atlantic co-operation on scientific research and technological development
•    fostering best-practice exchanges on a wide range of issues, and
•    supporting Botswana nationals who may need assistance

I hope you will find this website informative and helpful, whether your interest is doing business with Botswana, visiting the country or simply learning more about it. We are here to help where we can. My goal is to encourage the rest of the world to adjust how they perceive the jewel of Africa. When you think diamonds, think Botswana; when you think education, think Botswana, when you think educated work force, think Botswana; when you think trade and investment, Think Botswana!

Robert Shumake Honorary Consul General